Happy Bitch is a lifestyle. It’s about empowering you to ditch emotional baggage and live your happiest life.

Yes, it is possible. Yes, you can do it.

The brand was founded by Keryl Pesce, who through her book, radio show, wine and moving and memorable speaking, shares and lives this message:

Crap Happens to all of us

you may not get to choose what happens to you, but you do get to choose what you do with what happens to you.

Are you going to curl up and feel sorry for yourself?

Or are you going to put on your big girl panties and ask “What’s next? What good can I create from this?”

Keryl is a Happiness Expert who shows you how you can transform worry, fear and stress into happiness and excitement.

To inquire about having Keryl on your radio or television show, please contact her at keryl @ happybitchbook.com.