Why wine? Well, after my book came out, I asked myself “What else can I do that promotes women and happiness? What do women love?”

Wine. Fun wine and times with girlfriends. So . . . I sent out a tweet asking “What do you think about the idea of a Happy Bitch wine?”. Wine blogger and Certified Specialist of Wine, Debbie Gioquindo (known as the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess” tweeted back “Why don’t you make it a New York Wine?”

One cup of coffee, a little chit chat and we were off to the races.

Less than 6 months later, we launched Happy Bitch wine, a perfectly pink blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Women everywhere are falling in love with this perfectly balanced (not too dry and not too sweet) fun wine.

How’s this for a great tag line: “Pairs well with girlfriends and great memories.”

In July 2013, we introduced two new babies. You can now enjoy Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc and get this . . . Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay. Never heard of it? Neither have we, but one thing I love is making my own rules, so world, say hello to something super cool, fun and DEFINITELY outside the ole wine box.

Click here if you’d like to see where you can get your hands on some Happy Bitch Wine.

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